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Dynamic Views

Failed to load licensing components!

Please RE-INSTALL / REPAIR Module! DO NOT UNINSTALL MODULE which will cause unrecoverable data loss!


      Reginald M    on: 08/09/2013

We bought the enterprise version of this module. You might as well write the code yourself. The external data connections do not work. The sorting does not work. The custom queries work in dnn > host > sql, but do not work in this with this module. Buying the enterprise version does not mean you will get the help you need to implement unless you spend more money on support. Sometimes the software you buy is only as good as the support. This is the case here.

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      John K    on: 05/10/2013

Outstanding Module - Dynamic Views couples with Dynamic Forms provides a fantastic capability. We're using it on an intranet for automating many different processes. Everyone has become a huge fan!

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